After losing two stores from another raiser, we before long discoveredPeter's Smart Home! We got exceptionally fortunate as we were searching for a female Teacup Poodle little dog all set the start of summer. Our right hand was extremely mindful and consistently hit us up at a sensible time. He sent us photos of her development progress and surprisingly added a few recordings as well! We additionally caused a little solicitation to have him to send our new doggy home with a material that has her moms fragrance on it. We really feel we have a fantasy doggy!! Her disposition and insight is superb. We would get one more pup fromPeter's Smart Home’s Home later on!!!

Jaff, California

We are excessively glad such that we utilizedPeter's Smart Home for our first little dog. Our right hand was exceptionally simple to work with and made a special effort to ensure our pup came to Minnesota. Our Teacup Poodle is a particularly incredible expansion to our new home. He is extremely friendly and gets along very well with individuals and different canines. We can’t take him anyplace without individuals asking where we got him from and I am speedy to suggestedPeter's Smart Home!

Charles, Colorado

Simply sending you a report on Ruby otherwise known as Daisy. She is the best doggy; just got her first hair style. She is completely prepared, loves her container (for bed), rode to FLA in rearward sitting arrangement of truck without any issues and has been staying asleep for the entire evening for 3 weeks at this point. Loads of fun, attempts to be devoted and best canine I’ve had at any point ever. Will b better once those little dog teeth are no more.

We love her to death and she is an incredible sidekick. Thx!!

Honey, Texas.

Papaya (Dawn) has ended up being irrefutably the ideal puppy for us. She is all character sweet, social, adoring, senseless, and wise. We get halted on the road all the time by individuals getting some information about her and commending her attractive features She cherishes canines and others, and has done extraordinary in preparing. She appreciates snow, sticks, and peanut butter. She stayed asleep from sundown to sunset very quickly when we got her and has been truly simple to box train, she infrequently at any point barks and is definitely not a restless doggy at all-simply cheerful and brimming with cuddles for her family. She truly has a mind blowing personality. We are totally infatuated with her and are so appreciative toPeter's Smart Home for aiding us through the most common way of getting her-would absolutely suggest them in case you’re pondering getting a Teacup Poodle!

Lennie, New York

Ollie has been the best canine a family could want! He returned home to us previously prepared and prepared to cherish. He is extremely attractive and polite in broad daylight. (Certainly concur with different families — we get halted continually out in the open and got some information about him nearly to the place of disturbance, yet we are furtively exceptionally complimented!) At home, Ollie is a finished numskull — delicate and fleecy and tender and perky. He likewise prefers to lie at your feet when you play piano or do schoolwork, so we think he will develop into an awesome canine. He is dominating in his dutifulness classes and we figure he might progress to both treatment and nimbleness classes. He loves drifting and oar boarding, however isn’t yet certain with regards to swimming. Simply a cheerful fellow and incredible to have around. All our gratitude toPeter's Smart Home and our associates and their families.
Isabella, Sydney

We were lucky enough to get our Wrigley from Saturn’s litter. He’s seriously the best Teacup Poodle. He’s a big boy. Potty training was a breeze and he has the best personality. We did a 5 week puppy course through a trainer and she said “Whatever breeder you used knows what they’re doing.” Our assistant was great to work with!

Reggie (Furrari), Connecticut

Julie has been a joy and delight! Her puppy personality is unlike any dog we’ve ever had…she is sweet, smart and wants to please! Everyone stops us to ask about her. Slept through the night right away and easily potty trained. We’re hoping to raise her as a therapy dog!our assistant was awesome to deal with through every phase of our puppy purchase! He was always professional and quick to respond his research, care, and love for breeding these amazing dogs is evident! This breed is amazing on so many levels andPeter's Smart Home is invested in producing healthy, loving, and adorable puppies. We researched breeders across the country and found the best in our “back yard!”

Creasy (Cassanova), Pennsylvania

Toby (birthname Grizzly) is the dearest puppy. Fun, very social and even tempered. No stress with crate training or signs of anxiety when we leave the house which is a blessing compared to my grand cat! Very smart and easy to train. Toby was the smallest in his litter but has a big personality. So glad we have him in our lives.

Indie (Brisbane), Queensland